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Music lovers and food enthusiasts make T2 lounge a popular destination for a great night out with sophistication and style. Whether you are looking for a romantic spot for a candle-lit dinner, a relaxing cocktail at a bustling bar, or a place to go dancing, we welcome you for any special occasion, event or just a special night out with friends.

T2 offers much more than just a bar atmosphere, and is backed by award winning Chef Domenic Chiaromonte who specializes in quality and elegance when plating his many dishes delving into the realm of Italian fusion cuisine. Live entertainment, a heated patio, and private rooms only add substance to our motto, “The Perfect Mix.”

NYE at T2 Lounge!

VIP Dinner Package for $140 or Party Package for $65

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About Us

T2 Lounge is much more than just a lounge. In fact, that is only a taste of the many flavours that is T2; an espresso bar by day, a fine dining venue in the evening and a popular club by night. As well, there are several private rooms available for booking, along with year-round catering services.


T2 Lounge
177 Whitmore Rd
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 6A6

Tel: 905-850-9990
Email: info@t2lounge.com

Our Chef

Domenic Chiaromonte
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